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If you have an overpowering feeling, whenever you enter your garage, then it is time to clean out the space. Set aside a day or two to rid your garage of the clutter. Separate items by placing them into specific groups. Figure out which items you want to save, toss and donate. Formulate an idea of where to place everything. Here are 5 helpful ways to maintain a harmonious garage.

  1. Pool Noodles

Your local dollar retail shop should carry $1 pool noodles. Mount the pool noodles onto the garage wall. If you are storing items such as fishing poles, make a slit every 4” or 5” apart from one another. Widen the slits if holding gardening gear such as shovels or rakes. If you must park your vehicle close to one specific side of the garage, to gain some extra storage space, a pool noodle can protect your car and the garage. Simply measure and cut a noodle to mount comfortably onto the garage wall.

  1. Pegboards

There are multiple options, when it comes to pegboards. There are full sheets that you can use to line the walls of your garage. These are great for when you need to hang heavier items such as wheelbarrows or ladders. Smaller size pegboards can be used to hold tools, helmets, and other items similar in size. Pegboards are available in hardboard, plastic, and metal. You can purchase any to correlate with the décor of your garage.

  1. Bins

Bins can be an organizer’s best, and worst, friend. If you overindulge in bins, and randomly throw things into one, you are creating a nightmare for your future self. Save the hassle and headache by counting out the number of bins that you will need. Count the grouped items in each category, as fitting for one bin. For example; if you have holiday decorations, divide them up into four seasons. This will indicate that you only need four bins. Remember to label the bins, for easy accessibility. Stack the bins accordingly, with the items used less on the bottom.

  1. Shelves

Shelves create additional space by storing the newly organized items. Tall shelves promote the use of vertical spacing, while shelving units can keep items arranged in one section of your garage. No need to necessarily purchase shelves, as old furniture can be remodeled as new shelves.

  1. Overhead Space

Shelves can be anchored to the overhead space. Larger shelving units can be used as another bin holder. Bike racks can be mounted but can be costly. For a more cost-effective route, take some strong pieces of wood and heavy-duty bike hooks. Affix the two together and mount them onto your garage ceiling.

Removing the clutter is the first step to in the organization process. It can be overwhelming, but All Purpose Clean Up is here to save the day! Everything from junk removal, trash collection, janitorial services to home cleaning. Whatever your cleaning needs are, All Purpose Clean Up is here for you.