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Agreement. In particular, we demand the establishment of a working group for the implementation of point VI of the agreement, or changes in the system of remuneration of teachers in consultation with trade unions and linking it to economic growth “- noted in the post signed by the chairman of the educational” S “Richard Proksę.zobacz also:” school Layette “will cover approx. 41.5 thousand. students with disabilities »Local government is waiting for severance expense for teachers» On Tuesday, the head of the Chancellery Michael Dworczyk announced that they will be sent an invitation to the next meeting of the round table on education for Friday, May 10. Announced that they will be directed to the people who participated in recent meetings and, among others, two representatives of trade unions – Polish Teachers’ Union and the Trade Union Forum – Dialogue and Social Council and the Ombudsman, as well as the opposition. Government spokesman Joanna Kopcińska indicated that probably at this meeting, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki summarize the first part of the debates which have already taken place.

The first stage of talks dedicated to education, organized on the initiative of the head of government, was held on Friday, April 26 in the conference center at the National PGE, and deliberations in podstolikach took place on Tuesday, April 30 at the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw. Before the first meeting roundtable refused to participate in the Polish Teachers’ Union and belongs to FZZ Free Trade Union “Solidarity – Education”. The National Section of Education “Solidarity” declared that its representatives will participate in the deliberations of the educational roundtable as observers. The common position on the participation in the round table on the National Stadium, PGE has released most of the social partners of the Council for Social Dialogue. It stated that they want to participate in the roundtable on education, but not in the formula proposed by the Prime Minister. Its signatories are: Poland Alliance of Trade Unions, the Trade Unions Forum, the Business Center Club, Lewiatan Confederation of Employers of Poland and the Polish Craft Association.

From 8 to 27 April last organized by the Association of Polish Teachers and the Forum of Trade Unions strike in schools, when it was suspended. Came to him a part of the education of teachers of Solidarity. April 29 recommended that the PNA Italian strike – recommended teachers to work only as much as the law provides for educational, led only classes and activities canceled. During the negotiations with the government side proposed trade: nearly 15 percent. increases in 2019. (9,6 per cent. increase in September has already paid plus 5 per cent increase from January), shortening the length, determine the amount of the allowance for education at the level of not less than 300 zł, a change in the system of evaluation of teachers and reducing bureaucracy. The government also introduced a new social contract for the professional group of teachers, including increases and changing working conditions. Deputy Law and Justice deputy, who also proposed a negotiated wage increase next year for teachers certified by an average of 250 zł, combined with an increase in teaching load by 90 minutes per week. As she said, the program would be spread over two or three years.

FZZ and the PNA rejected the government proposal. Remaining consistent with the postulated earlier 30-percent wage increase for teachers this year. They suggested, however, – which was a new element in the negotiations – the implementation of its three consecutive terms. Presented by a calendar of payments included realized in January of this year, an increase of 5 percent. remuneration and previously announced by the government on September 1 wage increase of 9.6 percent. Another 5 percent. increases would – as proposed by the PNA and FZZ – come into force at the beginning of October, November and December. The agreement relating to almost 15 percent. increases in 2019., shortening the training period, the allowance for education and changes in the system of evaluation of teachers and reducing bureaucracy signed with the Government of National Section of Education “Solidarity”. The draft amendment to the Act on the Solidarity Fund for Support of People with Disabilities (SFWON) PiS deputies filed on Wednesday.

The first reading of the draft is scheduled for Tuesday. Act on SFWON entered into force on 1 January 2019. The purpose of this fund is primarily to support the social, professional, and financial health of persons with disabilities. Parliamentary draft amendment stipulates that funds from SFWON they can be allocated also for pensioners. For this reason, the authors of the proposed name change fund Solidarity Fund.

The draft stipulates that the money from the Fund will be able to be financed by annual disposable cash benefit for pensioners (eg. The so-called. Thirteenth pension), together with the costs of its operation. They also have to be financed social pension and funeral grant, which is due in the event of death of a pensioner welfare (they are currently funded from the state budget). According to the project called for the refund money. thirteenth pensions from 2019., paid from the Social Insurance Fund, are costs of the Fund. Thus, the Fund will transfer to the Social Security Fund money for the reimbursement of this benefit.

The Minister of Finance shall pay to the Demographic Reserve Fund money from the state budget, blocked in the section on Social Insurance. Fund, in turn, will be granted a loan in the amount of up to 9 billion zł from the Demographic Reserve Fund. As a result of the amendment to the maximum limit of expenditure for the period 2019-2028 would increase from nearly 23.7 million zł to 31.8 million zł (part 44 – Social Security). “Funding these benefits: a single annual cash benefit for pensioners and social pension and funeral allowance, which is due in case of death of the person taking the social pension from the Fund, in line with the objective of providing financial support to pensioners, as well as favors concentration and coordination tasks related to the implementation of the above. benefits paid by the Social Insurance Institution and the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, in the framework of a single public sector entities, ie. the Solidarity Fund “- argue the authors of the project. The project found critically Ms Marzena Okła KO-Drewnowicz and Iwona Hartwich. In their opinion, this draft Law and Justice wants to take money for people with disabilities.

Hartwich recalled that SFWON was created as a result of a 40-day protest, people with disabilities and their carers. Source of revenue for the Solidarity Fund for Support of People with Disabilities is primarily a compulsory contribution constituting 0.15 per cent. the basis of the contribution to the Labor Fund, as well as a tribute solidarity income of individuals – in the amount of 4 percent. of excess income above million for the fiscal year (the sum of income will be reduced by paid social security contributions). The first time pay tribute to the richest taxpayers in 2020. On income earned in 2019. The so-called. market power is a kind of aid, which in a nutshell is that energy producers receive money not only for the energy supplied, but also for her willingness to deliver. Thus, this mechanism is also referred to as a market dwutowarowy. In September, the Ministry of Energy presented a draft law, which – as announced – should be adopted later this year.

As the market power of this kind of aid, it requires notification to the European Commission. As the explanatory memorandum to the draft published on Tuesday, the market has the power to create additional – in relation to the electricity market – a source of recurring costs of resources (generating and receiving) needed to ensure security of electricity supply. See also: EU: Poland opposes limit rules out carbon market power “According to the authors of this mechanism will create the conditions for stable operation of existing generation sources and their modernization, where they are necessary to ensure security of supply. Another argument, which – according to the authors of the project speaks for him – the introduction is to provide clear price signals, which will coordinate decisions on the construction of new generation capacities or decommissioning of others. It also creates the conditions for the safe development of renewable energy sources, ie without negative impact on the security of supply of electricity to end customers. Certainly in the last few weeks, once you have seen on TV, the internet or the press images of the Bialowieza Forest. Withered spruce, foresters about a unprecedented bark beetle gradation Minister Jan Szyszko and director of the State Forestry Konrad Tomaszewski, heralding a decisive fight with the pest with a row …

Horse ago, who had not taken up the narration. Our sense of aesthetics educated on the image of the forest is rapidly economic transfer of the State Forest: you have to cut, because otherwise woodworm destroy everything. Confidence, however, views the storm environmentalists who do not know why the protest attracted to harvesterów preventing this huge tree felling machines. And they say that woodworm is not a problem, with spruce also nothing special happens, and the forest will certainly be better when a person stops care of her as superintendency Bialowieza in 2016, when an annex because of the increased limits of trees to cut. They asked themselves a question: who is right? The dispute about the Forest lasts a long time.

For years, two visions clash: its active supporters and opponents of the protection of this model who want to see the whole area was forest national park. Many difficult to convince to him because of his awareness wyparliśmy true picture of the forest: a complete, with zamierającymi trees with dead wood. We accustomed to the forest economic seated in rows, where the dead wood is removed; but it is not real wood, so I grew hundreds or thousands of years ago. – Bialowieza Forest is the only forest that survived the lowlands of Europe, and foresters persistently want to modify it in the forest economy – said prof. Tomasz Wesolowski from the Laboratory of Forest Biology at the University of Wroclaw. – monopolist, which are State Forests, wielding 1/3 of the country argues that there is no forest without forester, because the forest itself is stupid and go wild – says Wesolowski. Since 2012 it lasted not perfect, but still a compromise between the State Forests and environmental organizations.

We managed to reduce the limits of the wood harvested in the forest. – It was a decision related to the new Forest Management Plan. Limit allowed for 48 thousand m3 of wood cut across the forest partially utilized economically. This amount had not been for the devastating forest, affected to a small extent on biodiversity, was a compromise between the needs of nature conservation and the needs of the local community – explains Professor. Rafal Kowalczyk PAN in Białowieży.Przyrodnicy agreed that the operation can be carried out, but in the stands transformed that in the next few years will be rebuilt, for example. Of solid Sosin, spruce, the mixed stands, typical of the forest. Everything changed when, in March 2016 was adopted an annex to the plan. The limit for the Bialowieza Forest District in the years 2012-2021 increased 6-fold, to 188 thousand. m3.

In the spring of this year, they began to implement its provisions, which simply means cutting down a wide-ranging. All officially due to unprecedented invasion of spruce bark beetle, and not for economic reasons. Woodworm printer – an excuse to wycinkiGdy in the spring it gets warm, woodworm printer moves in search of prey, or adult spruce. If the tree is healthy, fights, pouring resin insects. If you do not have the strength, it becomes a victim of bark beetle. The development of one generation of this insect takes approx. Two months and usually bark beetles are able to have 2-3 generations per year.

In recent years, due to, among others, warm winters, the bark beetle is more and this increase is called gradation. These gradations are repeated every 10-15 years. The current is really large, but was also large in the years 2001 -2003, and above all in the axils of the 20th century. The fight against bark beetles by cuts stand, which, as a panacea, foresters propose, is highly debatable. The researchers note that in order to be effective, the cuts would affect not only the trees in the reserves, but also in the national park. – Kornik became the pretext for the start of felling in the forest, to changes in the Forest Plan and consequently the destruction of this unique ecosystem. Research shows that in order to stop the bark beetle gradation, you would have to cut 80 percent. populated spruce – explains Professor.

Rafal Kowalczyk. And he adds that this forest in the nature of things is impossible, because 16 per cent. Polish it is protected as part of the Bialowieza National Park, another 20 per cent. They are reserves, for a total of 36 percent. land under protection, where there are no cuts or single trees are removed for safety reasons. And if they do not exist, then there is no ability to control the bark beetle gradation. To this we add the entire Belarusian part of which in total makes 2/3 of the entire forest is protected.

There national park includes all the forest and if there were any cut, the very limited scale. It undermines the reasonableness of conduct clippings on our side. There is no effective way to eliminate the bark beetle in the forest. Us emphasize again: the forest, the forest is not economic. In the forest, the only one of its type preserved natural forest in Europe, entirely a UNESCO World Heritage Site. – The plea invoked from time to time that if the environmentalists a few years ago allowed the felling of trees, it would not have been gradation bark beetle, is unfounded – said prof. Kowalczyk. – Not only because it can not be cut in protected areas, but also because they find the right time all the trees occupied is simply impossible.

Gradation occurs from time to time and disappears after a few years, often leaving foresters with the conviction that they have contributed to its extinction by intensive cutting. In fact, the disappearance of the bark beetle causes increasing resistance environment unfavorable conditions, heavy winter, or the spread of insects that are struggling with it. Researchers, which is close to the idea of ​​non-interference in the natural forest emphasize that where there are spruce, there are bark beetle printers. – Over the years, foresters cut down deciduous trees and planted spruces. It’s like kornikowi give a bonus, because I did not have to strain to find food – explains Professor me. Tomasz Wesolowski. – If the spruce appeared surrounded by deciduous trees, with greater difficulty woodworm food would be located; what is happening now in forest, is the restoration of the proportion of pre-human activity.