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Agreement. In particular, we demand the establishment of a working group for the implementation of point VI of the agreement, or changes in the system of remuneration of teachers in consultation with trade unions and linking it to economic growth “- noted in the post signed by the chairman of the educational” S “Richard Proksę.zobacz also:” school Layette “will cover approx. 41.5 thousand. students with disabilities »Local government is waiting for severance expense for teachers» On Tuesday, the head of the Chancellery Michael Dworczyk announced that they will be sent an invitation to the next meeting of the round table on education for Friday, May 10. Announced that they will be directed to the people who participated in recent meetings and, among others, two representatives of trade unions – Polish Teachers’ Union and the Trade Union Forum – Dialogue and Social Council and the Ombudsman, as well as the opposition. Government spokesman Joanna Kopcińska indicated that probably at this meeting, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki summarize the first part of the debates which have already taken place.

The first stage of talks dedicated to education, organized on the initiative of the head of government, was held on Friday, April 26 in the conference center at the National PGE, and deliberations in podstolikach took place on Tuesday, April 30 at the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw. Before the first meeting roundtable refused to participate in the Polish Teachers’ Union and (more…)