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The process of removing junk from your home, especially after it has been accumulating for months at a time, is never a pleasurable thing to think about. Most people approach this process by trying to save as much money as possible with little regard to their time  energy. This results in people doing very outdated things to remove junk from their homes, at the expense of their time, energy, and sometimes money.

The influx of junk removal companies provides a solution to these issues. Many who would disagree with this statement will argue that hiring a junk removal company costs more money than renting a dumpster or donating. While it is true that hiring a junk removal company could cost slightly more than renting a dumpster, the amount of time and energy that is saved more than makes up for it.

Renting out a dumpster or donating/recycling things that are still useable have been popular methods of junk removal for a long time. However, they cost more time and energy than necessary. At the very least, hiring a junk removal company will save on time and energy. And in some cases, it can even save money.


What Stands out More, the Dumpster or the House?

When you rent out a dumpster, this question is definitively answered… in the worst way. The dumpster you rent out, even the smallest ones, will certainly stand out and affect the appearance of your home. It will remain there for as long as it takes for you to haul everything you need into it. If you live in a city, get ready to shoo off dumpster divers. If you live in a place with a lot of wildlife, get ready to shoo off raccoons, foxes, or even bears. Have friends or family coming over? Get ready to tell them that there is limited parking because you have a 20 yard dumpster in your driveway.

Hiring a junk removal company takes all of that potential stress and bad appearances away. Having a clean up crew throw things into their truck then leave is a bit better for the appearance of your home than having a dumpster in your driveway for any given number of days.


Don’t Know Where your Local Recycling Facilities Are?

Junk removal companies will donate anything and everything that is still useable or recyclable – at least most of them should! If you get a sense of accomplishment from taking the time and energy to personally take your items to a donation center, and know where all of your recycling facilities are, then that is great. But if you wish to save time and energy, then a junk removal company will donate whatever you wish to be donated.


How Much Time, Energy, and Money Could You Save?

Renting a 20 yard dumpster from Waste Management, one of the most notorious dumpster rental companies, costs roughly $550 for five days. This is the amount of money you should expect to spend if you wish to rent out a dumpster. And yes, that is the smallest dumpster of theirs that you can rent out. And yes, it costs extra for every day that you keep the dumpster. This has a negative effect on your time and energy.

Let’s say you rent this dumpster, and now you need to begin throwing things away. You have exactly five days to do this or else you’ll be spending more money. Do you have the time to take five whole days to throw every last thing you do not want away? What if you need to work? What if there is an emergency that requires you to leave the house? What if there is simply too much to throw away and need another three days or so to keep the dumpster around? All of this number crunching goes away when you hire a junk removal company.


Junk Removal Companies Provide Peace of Mind

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Because it is so tedious and stressful to remove junk yourself, hiring a junk removal company will provide much needed peace of mind in this process. Nobody deserves to waste precious time or energy on removing junk. That time and energy can, and should, be spent elsewhere on things that are a bit more important than removing junk. When you hire a junk removal company to do this, it will free up your time, and that is something money cannot buy.