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Getting new furniture is something most people look forward to at some point in their lives, but it’s not always easy to make it happen from a logistical point of view. Those old couches, wardrobes and dining tables have to go somewhere, and it takes a significant amount of manpower to get them there. You’re looking at having to break down those items and haul them out the door, and they’re going to be heavy no matter what. Things get even more complicated when you’re replacing an appliance, as not many people are capable of handling an old fridge or washing machine.

So, how do you ensure your old furniture gets taken care of when it’s reached the end of its time in your home? We’ll cover your options for how to get rid of furniture and remove it, so you can get to enjoying your new decor and all the extra space you’ll have once you get rid of the old stuff.


What Are Ways to Get Rid of Old Furniture?

Whether you’re planning for new items or you’ve already got furniture you’re not using, you should have a plan in place for furniture removal. Many cities prohibit leaving large furniture items on the curb, so while you might be able to stick a couple of dining chairs out for city pickup, your couch is likely a no-go. Here are four other options you can consider.


1. Sell It

sell your old furniture

Your options for selling furniture are wide and varied, thanks to the internet and a litany of different apps. Even if your used furniture is a bit ratty, you can often find someone who will buy it and possibly use it for another purpose. Platforms like eBay are not a good option, as they rely on shipping. While you might be able to use eBay to sell your old furniture, you’d still have to package it all up somehow, then deal with carriers. You’d also have to do a bit of shopping around to get the best deal and ensure you still make a little money.

Local selling options are significantly more viable. Craigslist, Facebook and apps like Offer Up connect people in the same geographical vicinity, making it easy for furniture to change hands. If you make a sale on one of these localized platforms, odds are you can get the buyer to come take the furniture off your hands with minimal work. You may still have to help them load it up, or you may have to undertake delivery yourself.

The downside of selling furniture is that people tend to be somewhat unreliable. You might strike a deal, only to have the would-be buyer stand you up, or they might show up and attempt to haggle after you’ve already settled on a fair price. You also have to give a random stranger your address, with no real guarantee that they are who they say they are. Selling furniture online isn’t inherently dangerous, but many people prefer not to take the risk in combination with the other inconveniences.


2. Donate It

You may not be interested in putting in the work to sell your old furniture for not much profit, and in that case, donation might be your best option. As long as the old furniture is still structurally sound, you have a good chance of a local organization being willing to take it off your hands at no cost to you. You might not even have to do any of the work of moving it around, depending on the organization.

Cosmetic issues like scuffs and scrapes on wood are usually not a problem as long as the piece can fulfill its intended purpose. For example, you can still donate upholstered items with stains. Keep in mind that mattresses don’t fall into the category of accepted donations most of the time. In some cases, charitable organizations work with companies to recycle mattresses. Since the companies that recycle mattresses don’t usually like to deal with one single mattress at a time, this can be a more environmentally friendly option.

If you have multiple items of furniture and appliances that aren’t technically “junk,” donation might be a good way to rack up some tax deductions. A sofa, for example, could net you anywhere between $36 and $207 in deductions based on its initial quality and current condition. Be aware, though, that furniture and appliances that have seen a lot of wear aren’t suitable for this method of disposal.


3. Repurpose It

If you’re the creative or DIY type, there are ways you can get old furniture out of the way without even getting rid of it. Your old sofa could be the heart of your new basement or garage hangout spot. Upcycle a dresser into a unique kitchen island. Old nightstands or bedside tables can make great planters for your garden. With a bit of creativity, you can turn some old furniture into something new.


4. Hire Junk Removal Services

If your furniture isn’t in suitable condition for donation or sale, you’re not interested in the complex task of repurposing and you want to know how to dispose of a couch or other furniture pieces, junk removal services are the smartest way to go. When you hire a removal service, professional haulers take away your old items, then you pay according to the amount of space the junk takes up in the vehicle.

There’s no work on your part, and it’s easy to get a quote on how much the removal will cost. It’s hard to beat the convenience of having someone else take care of furniture removal for you.


What Furniture Is Best for Junk Removal Services?

You may not be sure what items of furniture and trash qualify for junk removal service. The good news is, pretty much anything under the sun that isn’t hazardous waste is a candidate for junk removal. To give you an idea of how junk removal services can help you, here are three of the top categories of furniture and items selected for removal.


1. Mattresses and Sofas

getting rid of mattresses and sofas

Beds and couches are the most common articles of furniture people need to get rid of. Since their construction typically involves springs, foam and fabric, they have a limited lifespan. No matter how high-quality your mattress and couch are, you’ll need to replace them at some point.

You might be able to wrangle a mattress by yourself if you have a twin or a full. Once you get to queen size, and especially if you’re navigating stairs, they become pretty hard to handle. If there is a bed frame involved as well, you’ll either have to take the frame apart and remove it piece by piece or have someone help you. A junk removal service can disassemble bed frames much faster than the average person, and have all the pieces out of there in record time.

Couches are even more labor-intensive than beds, due to their bulkiness and weight. Hiring a service means you won’t spend time trying to lug the old sofa into position and get it through your door while trying to avoid scuffs. A professional removal service can break the couch down for easier transport. If they are removing furniture in one piece, they will take the necessary precautions to be sure it doesn’t damage your walls, stair railing or door frames.


2. Dressers, Desks and More

If you’ve ever moved a large dresser or desk, you understand how challenging they can be to transport. They tend to come in shapes that are hard to get a grip on, and the sharp corners can cause real damage to your walls, not to mention your body, if you make a misstep. Many large pieces of furniture, like some elaborate TV consoles, either require multiple people to move or take quite a while to disassemble. Either way, there’s no reason to waste time doing it yourself.

Junk removal services can safely move these heavy pieces out of your way. These pieces are also more likely to be wood, which means the removal service may be able to donate or recycle it on your behalf.


3. Appliances

Appliances are tough because they all break down at some point, yet most trash companies aren’t willing to pick them up. They’re too heavy for one person to move alone, which means you can’t haul them to the curb even if your city allowed it. You’ll need to recycle appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, so the chemicals they contain don’t leach into the environment from sitting in a landfill.

A junk removal company will collect your appliances and take them to the nearest recycling facility. There, workers will disassemble the appliances and recycle elements like metal, glass and plastic. They’ll safely dispose of hazardous materials that aren’t suitable for recycling.


Benefits of Local Junk Removal Service

Benefits of local junk removal service

Wondering how to dispose of a couch or other large piece of furniture or trash? A local junk removal service can make the process straightforward without putting too much strain on your budget. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of professional junk removal.


1. Save Time and Money

There’s a common assumption that if you’ve got a truck and a friend to help out, DIY junk removal will save you money. That may be true if you have a single piece of furniture or one load of trash, but once you start adding more items, you’ll need to take more trips ⁠— and gas isn’t cheap. There’s also the fact that between breaking down furniture, loading it up, driving to the landfill and possibly a recycling center, you’ll be spending multiple hours of your precious time to get some old furniture out of your life.

Junk removal services show up when you need them to, and take all your stuff in one large truckload. Save yourself a weekend of hauling unwanted items and have them gone within a couple of hours when you hire a removal service.

2. Avoid Injury

Even when you’re near peak physical fitness, there’s always the chance of hurting yourself trying to move around large items or furniture or trash. You might stumble over some gravel, or the person helping you might miss a step going down the stairs, for example. Bumps and bruises are par for the course, but more severe injuries like sprained ankles or broken bones can easily occur as well. A licensed and insured junk removal company takes on all the risk for you, so you can sit back and relax without fear of an accident.

3. Proper Disposal

Junk removal is the most environmentally friendly way to get rid of old furniture and appliances. Most people don’t know and don’t have the time or desire to learn the rules of what they can throw away in a landfill and what they can successfully recycle. Even if you are an expert on these matters, you don’t want to spend a whole day or more researching how to get rid of a couch and other furniture and carting each item around to its proper place of disposal.

A responsible junk removal service will ensure every recyclable or donatable item makes it to the right destination, without you having to worry about it. You can rest assured your old belongings make as little of an environmental impact as possible.


The All Purpose Clean Up Advantage

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