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In most cases, your town’s trash removal services are adequate. However, there are many situations in which you’re better off hiring a professional trash removal company. And, in certain circumstances, you have trash that needs special consideration  comes to proper disposal that can’t be left out for your local trash pickup.

In this article, we’re going to look at several situations where you should consider getting a trash removal service, and the benefits of having a company take care of the mess for you. And, we’ll look at the advantages of hiring a professional trash removal company to take care of those big jobs.


Situations Where Trash Removal Might be Needed

Home Remodeling

Whether you’re putting on a new roof, putting in a new pool, or doing any other remodeling project, you’re going to generate a lot of waste. In fact, the amount of waste that comes off one of these jobs is often more than what the city can pick up in a single day, and it’s too much junk to put out bit by bit; this is a situation where a junk removal service is essential for getting your property cleaned up as quickly as possible.


Tree and Branch Removal

Whether you’ve cut down a tree or a storm came through and blew branches in your yard, trees leave a lot of waste to be disposed of when they’re trimmed or damaged by storms; this is a perfect situation where having a professional junk removal service come in is a benefit.


Home Construction

As with home remodeling, building a new home produces a lot of waste, and that waste is too much for your local municipality to handle. A professional trash removal service is better-equipped to handle that amount of garbage and dispense with it quickly.


Hazardous Materials

Maybe you have old bottles of chemicals that have been sitting in the garage for decades. Or perhaps you have old half-filled paint cans lying around. Items like these, and items that may contain lead paint, all need special consideration when it comes to disposal. You can’t just take these to the landfill or put them out for your local trash pickup.


Benefits of Trash Removal Services

While we looked at some situations where it’s to your advantage to hire a pro junk removal service, we’re now going to see the benefits to going with a company as opposed to doing it yourself.

It’s Safer

If you have a lot of heavy junk, such as furniture, a professional junk removal service will do all the heavy lifting for you; this can save you stress on your back and the risk of getting injured, which could leave you laid up for awhile. Also, large items require a few people to move. If you don’t have help, you’re stuck. A professional junk removal service has plenty of movers for virtually any size job and can move those bulky, heavy items more quickly and safely. Lastly, you may have things that are considered hazardous. It’s better to let a professional handle such material so you don’t run the risk of getting hurt and so they can properly dispose of them.


Saves Time

Most city trash removal services aren’t equipped to deal with large, bulky items or items that might pose a risk to the environment. Taking all of your trash to the local dump and recycling center means several trips, which can quickly eat up your day or your entire weekend depending on the amount. Hiring a service lets you get on with other projects or spending time with the family instead of running around the city with bags of trash.


Better for the Environment

As mentioned, when cleaning out your house, or remodeling, you most likely will have trash that can’t go to the local landfill. Items such as old buckets of paint or motor oil need to be recycled or dealt with appropriately. Rather than wasting your time finding out what goes where your trash removal service will know exactly how to dispose of these items in an environmentally friendly way.


Saves Money

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If you think about how much time you’ll spend getting rid of all the junk, and have to pay friends or employees to help, you’ll find that having a dedicated service that offers a one-stop solution saves you money in the long run.


Reliable and Insured

Moving heavy or dangerous items puts you and your helpers at risk of injury. If you enlist the help of a neighbor or pay some random people to help and they get hurt, who’s responsible for their medical bills? Can they come back and sue you? These are real concerns that you don’t have to worry about when you hire a professional service. Most reputable junk removal companies are fully insured and take on the risk of injury, so you don’t have to.


Peace of Mind

If you have a significant mixed quantity of junk, it can be a real headache figuring out where everything goes; some go to the landfill while others need special disposal. Rather than stress over it, it’s better to let a professional trash removal service take care of everything; that way you’ll know that everything is being disposed of properly, safely, and efficiently.